Skywalk Entrance

1. Parking

Downtown Grand Rapids has plenty of parking available. For the easiest route, head on over to the parking garage attached to the Civic Auditorium on Lyon Street.

2. Parking Elevator

Take the parking lot elevator to the second floor- Skyway.

3. Skyway

Exit the elevator on the 2nd floor-skyway, follow the hallway and go through the 1st set of doors labeled as Skyway. You’ll see a wall that has lots of portraits.

4. Hotels – Skywalk Entrance

Once you arrive in the room with lots of portraits, take the Hotels Skywalk to the right. This will lead you to the Grand Plaza.

5. The Exhibitors

After you enter the Amway, take the stairs to the right leading down into The Exhibitors.

6. Elevator

Once in The Exhibitors go straight, pass the stairs on the left to the elevators on the right. Take the elevator to the 5th floor.

7. Exit Elevator

Exit the elevator on the 5th floor and head to the right. SIBSCO will be located in the first hallway on your right.


At the end of the first hallway on your right (after exiting the elevator) you’ll see the entrance for our offices. You have arrived, way to go!